• I want to get tattooed by you! How do I go about this?

If you are looking to get tattooed by me, please contact me via the ‘Tattoo Booking’ section of the website.

  • What information do you need me to provide for the booking?

The more information you can include the better. You’ll need to include your details (name & email address), a description of what kind of tattoo you’re interested in getting, where on your body you are looking to get the piece and the dates/times you are available to get tattooed.

With that, I’ll be able to give you an approximate price.

  • I went to email about a tattoo but your books are closed, how can I contact you about booking in?

If you contact me while my books are closed, you will receive the same response via email: my books are closed! This means I’m fully booked until the point I am currently booking to. I will make it clear on my social media when my books are reopening and I’m available to take bookings again.

  • I want one of your designs as a tattoo but I can’t get to you, can I just pay you to take the design to another tattoo artist?

Sorry, but no. I understand not everyone can travel to me to be tattooed but I need to protect my designs and my livlihood. Hopefully I will be guesting in a tattoo shop near you soon.